Forgive Me Everyone For Not Updating Here Much

Well as you all know I have been so busy with both my job. And I only have few hours to sit down in front of my computer and when I do. I just talk to my family and sometimes I spend time cleaning my apartment or I sleep. It’s been like crazy from both of my jobs, this month is the busiest month of the year since it’s back to school. Which mean I’ll have more hours and making more money? hehehhehehe oh well it’s fun to work anyway.

At Staples days are just crazy, especially during our penny sales wow that’s when I saw lots of people come and go. It’s fun though cause it’s makes the day go faster and make you forget the time. Plus having lots of customers is a good exercise. Working at Staples is wonderful I’m so happy to be there. Love all of my co-workers, they’re all nice and friendly. I couldn’t ask for more.

My Jcpenney is also getting ready for back to school and so we get lots of school uniforms, back pack and most are clothing for kids. There’s some winter clothing, and coat too but not as much yet. However, I know pretty soon we’ll be loaded with alot of coat which I’m not looking forward because I know how heavy the coats are. But well I know they’re soon be here anyway so I’m prepared for it already hehehehhe.

Anyway until here my friend. Thanks for all your comments, and hopefully soon I can make another update here. Have a nice weekend everyone.

2 thoughts on “Forgive Me Everyone For Not Updating Here Much

  1. mao man sab sa akoa work day getting ready sa back-to-school. Daghan au mamalit mga gamit para school uy mga uniform hehehe, labon sale daghana customer sah…pero sakto jud ka ug busy mas dali ang oras kaysa diili busyna hala happy weekend diha nimo

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