The Thing I Hate

I got this tag from Beauty Darlene. I always feel happy each time I get a tag from my online friends.

1. Food You Hate – First is poison, I forgot the others maybe I like them already hehehehhe

2. Fruits That You Hate – Cherry

3. Veggies That You Hate – I can’t think of any food that I hate because I love them all

4. Celebrities Or People That You Hate – Paris Hilton

5. Event/Incident/Situation That You Hate – When someone told you that she/he will be there in this hour when she/his not. grrrrrrrrrr

6. TV Shows Or Movies That You Hate – Cars advertise

7. Type of Music That You Hate – Any music that are so nasty to play

8. Household Chore That You Hate – Oh my folding the clothes.

9. Things You Hate ABout The World – Too much politics going and so many scammers people.

10. Things That You Hate About Yourself – I feel love so easy

Alright here’s my answers darlene. Your all welcome to do this tag.

One thought on “The Thing I Hate

  1. Sus woi pagkang dugaya man nako nakasulod diri.Anyway,pagka abtika nimo ron mudalag tagay dah!gana kaayo ka mura pod kag si Ladyracs hehehehe.Salamat kaayo dae Anna sa pagdawat sa akong tagay hehehe dali kaayo ka nakatubag.Godbless!

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