Share You Dreams!!! Tag From Ivy!!!

How’s everyone doing out there? I hope you all having a great time enjoying this beautiful weather. Sorry I didn’t do much update because I have been so busy with my both jobs, working as many hours as I could heheheheh. Anyway I got this nice tag from dai Ivy and hoping you all have fun reading my answers.

Hey guys I hope you can share some of your dreams by answering these:

1. Unforgettable Dream
2. Scary Dream
3. Funny Dream
4. Dream House
5. Dream Celebrity Date (Foreign or Local)
6. Dream Job
7. Dream You Had Last Night
8. Dream For Yourself

1. Unforgettable Dream – Having a scary dream is my unforgettable one.

2. Scary Dream – The dream I had last week, that someone was chasing me and I try to run as fast as I could. That was the scariest dream I ever had. I can’t remember the rest but it was pretty scary.

3. Funny Dream – I can remember any…

4. Dream House – My dream house is a house with alot f bed rooms, big living room, has playing room, 3 floor house with elevator, with kitchen, and everything that everyone could dream.

5. Dream Celebrity Date (Foreign or Local) – Hugh Grant

6. Dream Job – To be a singer (That’s a job isn’t it) hehehheheheh

7. Dream You Had Last Night – No dream last night I was too tired to dream I guess hehehehhe

8. Dream For Yourself – To win the lottery

Thanks for tagging me again dai Ivy. You all welcome to do this tag.

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