A Survey From Beautiful Haze….

Sorry Haze my answer is late.

1. Single or Married?
*Single but out of stock

2. Have kids? How Many?
*No kids yet

3. Ever kiss your bf/gf/husband/wife’s lips in public? Where?
*Yes in the park

4. Guilty of not liking somone’s gift for U but still smiles and says it’s very nice? Be honest now 🙂
*Rarely happen to me. Because most of the present that I got from other people I like them all and happy that they gave it to me.

5. Any weird plan for the future? confident enough to share what is it?
*No weird plan at all

6. Been dare to do something that makes you feel great after accomplishing the mission?
*Yes plenty time

7. Danced on the public & caught a lot of attention not because you dance but because your tipsy or drunk?

8. Ever cheated in your exams?
*Yes in my Science

9. Kissed a pictures of a celebrity?

10. Liked someone (in the past) that can’t like you back?

11. What you think is your greatest asset (physically)?
*Hmmmm let me think about it first hehehhehe

12. Got a birthmark? Where?

13. Ever have a kissed mark from an ex?

14. Done some laundry lately?
*Yes. I do it once a week

15. What do you wear usually at bedtime?
*My night gown

16. Ever been involve in shoplifting? When?
*Never and would never

17. Seen a porn movie or read a porn mag?
*Yes I’ve seen so many of them hehehehhehe but no porn mag or read.

18. Earned a money before the age of 18? (either won a lotto, job, price…) If yes how & how much?
*Yes when I had my first job at my dad’s bakery which is 2,000 Philippine money

19. What did you buy in your first earning?
*I bought things for the kitchen, like plates, glass, food and then some of my personal things

20. Did you thank God today before you answer this tag?
*To be honest I didn’t. But i thank god for giving me what I have now and for giving me wonderful health

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