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Hehhehehehe yeah yesterday I went shopping it’s because there’s alot of sales going on inside the mall. I was looking for some black pants that I could wear going to my other job. Since they require to have black pants and black shoes. So I’ll be lady in black hehehhehe, yeah I’m very excited for this new job I got. Today will be my orientation and can’t wait for that. The thing that I loved the most in this job is I get the full time benefits even though I’m only part time.

Anyway yesterday I went to Forever21 and I saw many things that are on sell and I found couple of them but unfortunately I only bought 3 which I love so much hehehehe. Which I also knew that my bf would love it too hehehhehe. So when he got home I have the dress on just to show it to him. And yes indeed he loves it, and he tool some pictures of me. I don’t shop often but yesterday I was tempted while waiting for my Border’s Express interview.

Well that’s all I can share right now. Time for me to go to work before I get late hehehehhe.

4 thoughts on “Shopping Shopping Shopping

  1. wow! ka sexy ni dae Anna uy, witwhew!nice kaayo nang background nimo dae Anna ay!naa pay sales diha kay moanha ko padad-e lang ko ug plane ticket hehheehappy weekend sa inyo diha dae Anna

  2. Anna, gudluck and take plenty of rest… so happy for yah!!!! I’ll my assignment later ..thank u for including my name ‘coz it’s fun hehehe!

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