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First of all thank you for tagging me Anne. I love tags and I love doing them hehehhehe. Anyway here’s my answer for you dear.
Presenting the top 5 site that I like to visit each day.

1. EBAY. Each day I visit this site plenty times, it’s because I have some online business running. I’m sure all of you know about EBay. And when moods strike to shop online, I always shop on eBay because I found different things that worth less.

2. BLOGSPOT. Yup I’m a blog freak, I don’t know I try to control this blogging hobbit. But sometimes when I feel like doing my blog I always do it. Also it helps me to learn more about English using the right grammar. Even though I guess most of the times I used wrong grammar but at least people understand what I was talking about hehehehhehe. It’s my way also to meet new online friends, reading this daily journey as what other say. Blog hopping is my daily thing especially after I got home from work. I’ve learned so much in the blog and I’ve meet great people and sharing thoughts to everyone is just great.

3. FRIENDSTER. I’ve been member with this site since I can remember. Well this I have a different account before and I’m really addicted to this site. Not only I can communicate my old classmates. I can also meet new friends from different countries. Friendster for me is just another site where I have fun reading and looking the pictures of others.

4. BISDAKPLANET. Days won’t be complete without visiting the bisdakplanet. I always have fun in this site because all people are friendly, fun, and very nice to talk with. Sometimes I visit this site just to read the post, I can’t stay longer especially with my busy schedule. However, I still have time to visit and just have fun reading there jokes.

5. SINGSHOT. Yeah what can I say. This site is the best to all of us. I love going to this site and makes online records even though my voice isn’t that good. When I have spare time I always go to this site and listen to other peoples’ recording. It’s amazed me how many people are actually have an excellent voice. Some of them sounded like a real singer. For me I love this site because I enjoy singing alot hehehehhe.

I don’t know who should I tag but whoever wants to answer this tag your all welcome. Just let me know so I can read your answer. Feel free to answer everyone. Thanks dai Anne for tagging me again. I enjoy this so much.

2 thoughts on “Tag From Anne

  1. dae Anna muzta na imong beauty dihahehehe apil jud ang singshot sa imong list ako sad ganahan pod ko mag karaoke didto permi hahahha mapaos lagi ug shagit shagit hehheeheayo ayo diha kanunay dae Anna mwaahh

  2. hallo dai Anna,salamat sa paglabay sa akoang balay,nalingaw ko ug basa aning mga ingon ani tag.mao bitaw sa sa singshot mura jud ug mga pure singer ug tingog naa daghan.kadungog baya pod ko sa kanta nimo sa singshot dai Anna.hehehe!hilig kaayo ka carpenters day,am i right?have a nice week day Anna!

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