A Sprinkle Of Me!!!!!!!

Hello everyone I would like to share this love poem by Melissa. I was surfing online looking for some nice poen and I found this very nice poem. Which I thought very nicely done.

A Sprinkle Of Me:
by Melissa
Can you feel me,
I am there,
Can you hear me,
I am a whisper away,
Can you see me,
I am that ray of sunshine,
I am with you no matter where you may be,
My sprinkles of me are floating around you,
I send you kisses, through the air,
I send you hugs on a fluffy cloud,
I aim all my feelings towards the direction you’re in,
knowing the little love fairies will carry them safe,
as they flutter their little silky wings,
I know they are going to reach you, just like in a dream,
When you feel that chill that runs up your arm,
that is everything sweet, soft and gentle,
reaching you from me, those chills and those little goose bumps are
the kisses, the hugs, the pieces of me, the fairies sprinkling them all
over you with lots of love and plenty of care because that’s their job
to delivering feelings that are shared, So, when you miss me, just
look into the air and wonder which way they will arrive, ’cause
thanks to the little love fairies you won’t be deprived.

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