Been Busy With Jobs Interview!!!

Yeah this past few days I have been busy with some jobs interview. It’s been awhile since I start looking for a different job. And last finally last week I got a call from the first job I applied and just this past Monday I had my first interview and then followed by my second interview which I had today. Well my interview today went very very well and I have a feeling something nice will happen. I had two interviews today one at Macy’s and then Staples. Both interviews went perfect and hopefully I’ll get both jobs because I like a lot. Hmmmm It’s doesn’t mean that I’m tired with my other job. But it’s nice to explore your self to a different place and I like to expose my self in different kind of job.

Anyway tomorrow is my 3rd interview at Staples but this time the person that will interview me is the Boss. Oh I hope I will do good with that, I don’t want to mess the interview hahahahhaha. I’m so excited for tomorrow, and to tell you the truth my day today was really busy and I’m glad I only have one interview more to go. So that’s all I can tell right now. Thanks again for visiting my blog.

4 thoughts on “Been Busy With Jobs Interview!!!

  1. Hello lovelyAnn… mustamos atong beauty dira? thank’s sa visit sa balay hah!! Woww good luck and God bless sa interview nimo. I know you do well. kaya mo yan! Just pray before your interview start. AJah Girl go go go!!! heheh. be confidence heheh.Ok gotta go now! take care and God bless alwaysMuah hugss

  2. WOW, pagkamayo nimo dae Anna, always nagainterview, maayo sab na nga experience, ako wa pa gyud kaagi, didto sa ato during interview kay kulba kaayo, mura man sab mas mga isog sila sa ato, kay kilatison gyud ta maayo, Iningleson pa gyud raba bisag mga bisaya sila.Well, goodluck nimo dae Anna, kigihan gyud oi.Sige, TC always, thanks sa paglabay nako ug sa mga comments and TAGS.

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