It’s Down To 2 Contestant!!!

American Idol was down to 3 contestant last week after Lakisha Jones was sent home. Yeah it’s down to Melinda, Blake, and Jordan. This 3 are great singer but only two of them are my favorite, yes I have favorite too you know hehehehehhe. Last night was a great American Idol night because they got to picked there favorite song, then the judge pick song for them and then the producer pick a song too.

Jordan was the first contestant who performed last night and it was fantastic. She has amazing voice for a 17 years old. Then next was Blake, oh he is a great performer, lovable man and always have fun each time he’s on stage. The last one is Melinda, she did great job too but I like Jordan more hehehehhehe.

Anyway it was elemination time tonight. I was excited to see whose going home and whose safe. Unfortunetely Melinda was sent home tonight. Yeah she was sent home after the result. So Jordan and Blake are the two final going to Finale. I can ‘t wait to see the moment, I know whose going to win. But I have a feeling hmmm, but I won’t say it I might be wrong hehehehhe. See don’t forget to watch the Finale everyone.

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