Done With my Biometrics!!

Today was my Immigration appointment for my Biometrics. I went all the way to Detroit to have my biometrics. I was scared driving going there because I have never been to that place. And I was afraid I might get lose. But with the help of my wonderful bf (who provide me the perfect map) I arrived at Immigration 1 hour and 30 minutes early. So I had a chance to relax and eat some food because I didn’t have any breakfast at all. At 10 I went inside the office and tell the officer that I’m here for my biometrics appointment. He gave me a form to fill-up and put some of my information and after that I had my fingerprint and picture.

It was really fast, and I arrived there at the perfect time. Not much people seating on the waiting room. So even though my appointment was 11 I had it at 10 because there’s no one when I went in, lucky huh. Anyway I’m glad is done now, and hopefully soon I’ll get the result. Well that’s all I can share about my Immigration. Thank you all for visiting again here in my blog.

4 thoughts on “Done With my Biometrics!!

  1. hello day Anna….well done sa imha biometrics hehehe…buotan sad sa imoha uyab day uy…di-ay nice kaau moha new pics sa previous entries nimo i love it jud….

  2. Good for you dae Anna, human an gyud, at least one step closer na diay ka. Maayo kay sayo ka unya, dli diay busy mao nakaswerti sab gyud ka. Ako ambot dugay man ilang appoinment date a kong Interview /Exam para citizenship.Hulat nalang diay ko.

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