His Engaged and Soon To Be Married!!!

Last week my one and only brother got engaged to his girl. I was so surprised when I called them two weeks ago, and he told me that he wants to be engage to his girl friend. So last week they went to his girl friends’ house together with my parents, my grand parents and some of my relatives.

I didn’t really expect that this two will get married. I’ve meet his fiancee before back when I was in the Philippines. Because they were classmates in college and that time they’re not even gf and bf. Before they graduate in college my brother went to davao city for his On Job Training. He was there with some of his classmate and one of them is his fiancee.

When I went for a vacation last 2005 I stayed in the hotel where my brother work so we will be together and it’s also cheap you know hehehehhe. That time my brother has girl friend, not his fiancee but to a different lady.

But they’re relationship didn’t work, because of some reason. So now I think my brother is happy with his life, because I know how much he loves his fiancee. I need to save some money for this wedding hehehhehe, because I promised him and my parents that I will help my brother for his wedding. I was planning on giving my brother a nice beautiful wedding. Well I’m sure everyone would love to have a nice wedding. I don’t have much money but I’m hoping that when time comes I can give a nice beautiful wedding to my brother and to his fiancee.

I have months to prepare and save some money. His getting married on September 18 and I also hope that I would be there so I can attend his wedding day. Everyone in the family are excited, and I think the bride and groom are nervous hehehhehe. So there’s a big day waiting for us, it’s a double celebration that time because it’s my parents wedding anniversary on the 16th. This way it’s easy now hehehehhehehe, we can celebrates to wedding anniversary in one month.

Well that’s all I want to share to all of you.

10 thoughts on “His Engaged and Soon To Be Married!!!

  1. hi anna,ingon gyd na ana, kung dili maminyo…mamangkay….pasalamat na lang kay magminyo….Happy MotherĀ“s day…bisan di pa ka mama, pero mama as a woman….enjoy it with your palalab diha…..Thanks for sharing your post today…thanks for the commentss akong blog ha?…..

  2. Hello there Ann,Thanks so much for responding to my latest post. Ur time and thoughtfulness were both appreciated. Wish u becomes a “Mommy” someday, that way it wouldn’t be awkward for me to greet u……happy mommy’s day {smile}! U tc and I hope a good job will finds ur way soon.

  3. Vk… Mao lage maayo nalang magminyo hehehhehehe. Thank you sa greetings dai VK. Jeth…I love blog hopping Jeth when i have a chance so I always take advantage when each time I have free time. Thank you so much the greetings.

  4. Dhay anna im not sure ikaw to ang nihapit sa akong balay Wuahhhhhhh kay daghan anna sa bisdak man dunnu which one…hoping next time, if u dont mind put an initial of ur name annaR. thank you so much sa paglabay i appreciated see you there MUAH.

  5. congrats to your brother, and WOW what a generous BIG sister you are… Lucky brother and soon to be sister-in-law.Gos bless you and your family..

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