Yeah I Won The Filipino Blog of the Week 54

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I didn’t really think I’ll win the blog this week. But I was so surprised to get a phone call from one of my bisdak friends which is Rolly as (Loloy). I wasn’t home whole day today so I didn’t have any idea at all what’s going on. After me and my bf got home he checked the answering machine and there’s a message. I didn’t know who it is, after we listen and it was my dear friend Rolly. He called me to congratulates me of being the Filipino blog of the week and also the Hall of Fame hehehehhe.

So I checked my blog right away and there it is a message from talksmart telling me I won and was (Elevated to the grandest Hall of Fame through fast track). To all of you who voted for me, thank you thank you so much for all your support. I appreciate all your time and effort that you spent voting for me. I finally won and hopefully this week my other co-bisdak will win too.

Now I’m asking for your support again, to vote for sweet-pinay and kc8265 click here to vote. Thank you in advance for your vote.

8 thoughts on “Yeah I Won The Filipino Blog of the Week 54

  1. Daff… thank you nakadaug ra intawon ko looy hehehheheheh…Gen..Salamat sa comments dai. Ikaw apil sab para lingaw ta ba.Loy.. Tuo na gyud ko nimo dong loloy hehehehhe.

  2. Hi Anna,congratulations for your award dai..bonggacious jud ka kaaju deserve it dai…cge ingats always guapa and have a happy monday.

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