Two Men Was Sent Home Last Night!!!

Last night was very exciting for me, because I know that two men’s are going home after they have performances Tuesday night. Chris Richardson is a very good looking and has a unique style of his singing. However, his not as good as the others, in my opinion. Still his lucky because of all the support he got from his fans. I know they try all they can to make him stay in the contest. But there’s always one person that need to be sent home to have an American Idol winner.

Chris has been in the bottom 3 since the passed week. And last night was the last, I was really happy when Ryan said that Chris your going home. Well some fans aren’t happy though, but Chris weren’t doing much to make him stay longer so I guess that’s why, and also maybe not all of his fans vote. He was sent but still he have a big career waiting for him. His with the top ten and soon they’re going into tour, which is really wonderful.

Phil is my less favorite among the top 12 contestant, I don’t know why but that just what I feel. But he has a very nice voice, he sing better this passed few weeks which I like but I think it was too late to convinced the fans that he could be the next American Idol. However his in the top 10 and there’s more coming and his singing career just started. I know last night that he already knew his going home. Because he knew how the other contestant was singing.
Phil is a very nice man and has a nice personality and I remember when he went for audition for American Idol how he missed the birth of his baby. Missing that moment was great too because he got a ticket going to Hollywood and now everything was paid off. Hehheheh it doesn’t mean the missing your wife labor or child birth is a good, but for Phil it was worth to missed the birth of his baby.
Who knows he will soon become a famous singer, just like others.
So that’s what the result of American Idol last night. And more update about American Idol next week. Thanks again for visiting here in my blog.

One thought on “Two Men Was Sent Home Last Night!!!

  1. hmmmmm.. muha gyud diay ni subaybayan dae Anna, pareha mo sa ako sis, sige ko niya kombensi. !st time ever nga wa gyud ko nagtan-aw ani, karon nga season… Wa na gyud ko time oi, akong dagay time, buhos sa puter naman.. hehe..TC and have a great weekend nimo, kugihan gyud ka mo update da…

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