Simon Kisses Lakisha Yeahhhhh

Yup that’s right Simon gave a kiss to Lakisha Jones after she performed the song of Bon Jovi called “This Aint A Love Song”. When she sung this song it was excellent, the way she sung it was awesome. She put passion while singing the song. All judges like her performances and so do I heheheheh (well i’m not a judge though) hehehhehe but then I can feel the song the way she sing it. Oh it was beautiful and I was so happy when Simon Cowell kiss Lakisha Jones. It was very nice and everyone was just happy for it hehehhe. Watching American Idol is always exciting because we don’t know what’s gonna happen.
Tonight two people will be sent home since last week they didn’t sent home any contest because it was the American Idol Gives Back. Hmmm wonder whose going home. All of them are great singers, but I want Phil and Chris to go home. They’re not that good as the others, but all is depend on the voting. Who know there fans vote multiple times last night. So all the results will be announce tonight.

5 thoughts on “Simon Kisses Lakisha Yeahhhhh

  1. there is a saying that big girls have a big opportunity hehehehe well done to her….pero mas nahan ko ni jordin jud….lami au mo smile…then my husband favourite kay si melinda hehehe kay innocente daw ug very humble

  2. Haze.. Mao gyud dai haze agree gyud ko sa imoha sulti. Nahan sab baya ko ni Jordan kay lambing ba, hehehehhe. Pero dili ko ganahan ni Melinda kay paatik kaayo io, kita kaayo sa nawong ba nga plastican lang. Labina inig judging na ambot nalang dili gyud ko ganahan at first ganahan baya ko sa iyaha pero kadugayan nawala io. Pa karon ingnon man gud. hhehehehehhe.Dai Irel addict sab ka ug American Idol? hehhehehehheh Da io si Lakisha daw madaug io kay nindut gyud ug batasan ba hehehehhehe

  3. pssst always diay ka mag tan-awan ani dae? hmmm ako dli naman ko mag cge tan aw ani kay mag lagot lagi ko na dli maka daog ang akong manok heheheh.

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