Happy Monday Everyone I Got Some Good News Today!!!

It’s another beautiful day here in Michigan today. I thought it was going to rain today but I guess it’s not going to. Days comes and go so fast. Yesterday we went to visit my bfs’ Mother and with a nice surprised we also see his sister and his brother-in-law. Yesterday was really hot and I love it.

Today I just felt kinda lazy here, however I always have time to make some update here in my blog. While i’m writting this this post, I heard the mail man car. I went outside and checked what kind of mail we got. Guess????? I got letter from Immigration. It’s my appointment letter for my fingerprint and to take picture. This is for the removal my conditional, Oh my I can’t tell you how happy I am right now. I know this is just an appointment letter but still It makes me so happy.

So I sent email to my lawyer right away to tell him about my appointment. Because he told me to tell him as soon as i received this letter. I can’t wait for this day, I’ve been waiting for this day to happen and now it’s getting close. Anyway, enough of excitement now hehehheheheh. I’ll wait and see what will happen next after this appointment.

Today at work I don’t have much to do. I only have few carts of clothing. One of my co-workers helped me so I’l finished early. After I was done working, I went home and eat lunch. Now i’m relaxed and feelin’ good.

Thanks everyone for visiting my blog again.

7 thoughts on “Happy Monday Everyone I Got Some Good News Today!!!

  1. Hi Anna, I like the new look here. Anyway thanks for the note you’ve left there. OO nga pala nice pictures you have here. Tc and have a good one. Also goodluck.

  2. good 4 u Ann..! i knew how happy u are now coz I just got a letter from Immigration too as well..was last friday! finally, I got a schedule for my Oath Taking Ceremony..am so excited napod to get it done,,and to do the next more step…o cge..take care iha! God bless!

  3. Hi day! wow oi good for u huh kay tuloy tuloy nana imong Immigration papers diha..taas taas na jud imong lahutay..ako ani unsa kahay resulta..humana ko finger printing para GC pero wala ko kablo unsay sunod kay nahilom man sila..Hala oi agi agi rako..gnyt diha day!

  4. Great News dae Anna, what a big relief na gyud na nimo. Ako sa una, wa gyud ko nahimutang hangtud wa ko nakadawat sa akong green card. Hadlok gud ko iship balik sa Pinas di raba pwede dalhon imong anak, kung illegal ka kay citizen man sila diretso.Good you’re seemed to get along well with your BF’s family, that’s really important. Take care and have a great day!

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