It’s A Beautiful Warm Day Here In Michigan!!!

What a day here today, I didn’t expect this beautiful warm day. I really have a good time today since it’s warmer now and I can start wearing my spring clothes. It’s 73 degrees here in Michigan and everyone loving it. I’ve seen lots of people went to the park with there family. Taking advantage this beautiful weather. I know we have this two weeks ago but I hope this is the start for spring now. I’m tired of being cold hehehhehe, warm weather is much needed this time.

Me and my bf went to do some of our errands and come back home and he took some pictures of me, and I took some pictures of our beautiful tulips flowers. Yeah the flowers are here now and soon there will be more. So I’m excited to see all them, the trees start to have leaves. Anyway tonight well have friends come over into our house to watch another UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) were to hooked in this show that we try not to miss any episode hehehhehe.

This show is so addicting and It’s very fun to watch. It’s at spike channel and tonights’ fight is free, so it’s a good thing. Last time we watch it, it was in Pay Per View. We watch it anyway because it worth every single penny, theres fun and excitement when you watch this show.

That’s all for now and thank you all again for visiting my blog. I attached some pictures that we took today.

10 thoughts on “It’s A Beautiful Warm Day Here In Michigan!!!

  1. Hi Ann,“Nice nu place” u got here! I enjoyed all the fotos. They ‘re all wonderful and I particularly like one of ur outfit…..the one with a “bell sleeve”. Can’t really tell u the color ‘coz it’s in black ‘n white.Hey, I truly value the time u spent @ my haus. Ur sweet thought & message r highly appreciated. U tc always Ann….

  2. wow nice inyoha weather diha di-ay?amoa diri bugnaw na pud hehehe…love all your photos…naa baya brother ni hubby diha sa michigan basin one day maka visit me diha hehehehe

  3. Hala pareha diay ta dae Ann, nice sab kaayo ang weather last weekend, pero ako sa gipapahuway si Lisa sa sulod balay ra mi intero adlaw, Ako bana ug duha ka bogoy nangadto sa park. PagkaugmaSunday na mi nag-enjoy maayo.

  4. hi Anna,thanks for adding me..Aho na pod ka gi add..i mean aho lng gi change ang imong URL kay ang sa imo pman bravejournal ang nka butang dri..ok na aho na na change…have a nice day there..ka sexy nimo oiii..nice body..

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