A Tag Grabbed from Dauph!

I went to visit Dauph journal and I saw this very interesting tag about sharing travel and so on. Okay heres my answer:

1. If you had all the money in the world, where would you travel (somewhere you haven’t been to before)?

“Well if I had all the money in the world, I would travel some parts of United State that I haven’t seen yet. Then travel going to Paris which is my dream place, visit some friends that live in different country. Also I would go visit my family back in the Philippines.

2. What about that place (those places) draws you?

“A place where there’s fun and romantic. Where I could have so much and of course take lots of pictures to keep for remembrance.

3. When you travel, what is your usual purpose (i.e. shop, learn about the history, learn about culture, pure R & R, etc)?

“When I travel the first thing I always love to do is to go see some nice views. Go to some museum to learn about some history of the place I’m visiting. Then shop for some souvenirs to give to some friends back home. And take more more pictures hehehheheh.

4. Give one travel tip.

“Hmmm travel tip. Prepare everything and don’t forget the camera. And if your traveling going to Mexico bring extra swimsuit. Experience the foods that you think interesting. Pay attention on each places your visiting, enjoy your time and have fun while your on vacation.

Alright I finished mine now. So if you want to answer this tag, feel free to grab it and I would be happy to know yours.

One thought on “A Tag Grabbed from Dauph!

  1. Nice to see Ann that you grab the tag, it’s mind catching man gud maong gi grab sad nako gikan kang Honey hehe, makalingaw ba. THanks for sharing yours, now I know you are one good traveller as well!

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