Tag From Dauph!!!!

My blogger friend Dauph has tagged me. I’m always happy each time I got tag. I’ve been doing blog since 2004 if I remember it correctly. I was using bravenet before the blogger so from no one this this will be my last move. I love blogging and here’s the reason why:

  • Blogging to me is exchanging ideas from other people you’ve known or from strangers that often do blog hopping.
  • I share many things about happy moments and I can always express my feelings and get ideas from other people.
  • It’s the other way to let my family about my daily life here in United since I’m miles of miles away from them. I often invite them so they can read my blog.
  • I meet new friends through blog which I enjoy so much.
  • It become my hobby to always be in my blog. No matter if I’m busy I always spent a minutes visiting my blog and doing some update if I could.
  • It comforts me in times i feel lonely and when I missed my family back home. By talking to my fellow bloggers online it really makes my day happy all the time.
  • I can communicate to my old friends and long lost classmates of mine.
  • It’s a place where you can relax and enjoy every minute of it.
  • I learned so much about life of others.

Now it’s my turn to tag. I’m tagging this to the following:

Anne, Angie, Bonbon, Brownie, Chikai, Chocolate, Coco, Daff, Genalyn, Hazel, Irel, Ivy, Janine, Lutchi, LadyNred, Lily, Lolli, Loloy, Mila, Mitch, Racquel, Ylan, and for thos whoever wants to do this tag are all welcome.

6 thoughts on “Tag From Dauph!!!!

  1. day Anna daghana man di-ay namo gtagan nimo day uy hehehehe….na hala cg gud dawaton ta ni hehehe salamat day ha kalami ug katahom sa imoha mga hulagway day …makadani ug mga mata hehehe….

  2. hello ann! karon ra nako nabasa na gitagayan diay ko nimo. hehehe. tnx ha pero nahuman ko na ni buhat. akoa lng i-repost usab sa akong blogspot na blog. 🙂have a nice day! ^_^

  3. hi anna,mayong buntag diha….diri pod sa amoa, kanindot kaayo sa weather, dia active kaayo ko, wala nay oras ug hagok, tindog dayon ug meet the nice day……have a nice day diha.hala uy, gi-tag ko nimo…..pareha man ani akoa pod, thinking about BLOGGING…..pwede ba copyhon ko na pod ni?….pareha man gyd tanan akong isip….lolhala, copy ko ha?……….hehehehbitaw….time sa ha?…thanks for tagging me….thank you….

  4. Texas_Sweetie…. Hehehehehhehe siawa gyud nimo dai io. Wla pa gyud ka na late, maka answer pa gyud ka aning akong tag ba. hehehhehehe….Chikai…..Hhehehheheheh aws humana na diay ka ani dai Chikai was man ko kabalo sowe ha hehehehhe.Vk…. Maayo kay active kaayo ka dinha dai Vk, ako mao pay pagmata human lingkod dayon dinhi sa computer hehehhehhe.Copy ha nalang hehehhehehehhe……

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