Here Some Fun Pictures of Me Taken Today!!!

I was taking advantage of the beautiful day we had this afternoon. My bf took this pictures of mine like around 6 when it’s a little dark outside. It was very funny because I was only wearing my blouse no pants at all. As what he said the blouse looks like a small dress to me. Hehhehe oh well yeah it true but it’s embarrassing if I took pictures outside with the blouse only. I was worried that our neighbour will see us hehhehehe.

To make the story short the pictures was successfully take even though there are some people slowing down and watching us hehehhehe. Maybe wondering what kind of dress am I wearing hehehhe. I decided to combined all of them since it’s all me any way hehhhehe.

9 thoughts on “Here Some Fun Pictures of Me Taken Today!!!

  1. Nice..tell ur bf that he did a great ikaw pud unsaon ba ni oi tuparon tanan nawng nimo para mausa ra attach? hehehepero maau sad ka no kay pa angay angay posing oi!

  2. uy kanindot anna, really, sekse mo nga,,,,,,just say to your BF he has a good taste……lolbagay sa imoa, really,,,,,enjoy your figure, while still slim pa…..asa pa man magpasekse kung dabdiana na?….lol

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