Happy Saturday Everyone!!

Happy Saturday everyone, I didn’t much today well not as I can think off. I got-up late this morning about 10:30. Which I always do because it’s weekend and no work to worries hehehehhe. It’s the only day that I can have a long sleep. As soon as I got-up from the bed, I turn on the computer and wait till it’s done and check my blog right away. Hmmm that’s my first priority in the morning hehehehhe. I was so happy to see the my blog is fine and that I can read it now. Last night I was having problem with it and so I didn’t have a chance to read what left into my tag and comments.

Anyway, this morning I just felt to tired and hungry. So I had some auctiva for my breakfast ehhehehehhe. At noon me and my bf went out to do some of our groceries. Before we did our groceries we went to staples to buy some ink for the photo smart we have. While bf is looking for ink I was looking for some camera’s. I have no plan on buying another camera but I just enjoy watching them. We didn’t get any of the ink because it was expensive and it wasn’t the price we always pay.

So we browse more inside the staples store and went to notebook computer department. I been wanting to buy notebook computer but it’s still expensive and I can’t afford with the prices heheheheh, oh well as you know I have to win the lotterty first hehehehhe, just kidding. I saw some nice notebook that I like and I am waiting till the price wil go one more then I will buy ehhehehe. I wish soon I’ll have my own notebook though ehehhehehe.

Well anyway, today was a beautiful day. It’s cold but no more snow, which is nice. Oh I wish there will be no more snow. Oh I can’t think of anything to say, so i guess this is all for now.

8 thoughts on “Happy Saturday Everyone!!

  1. halo An, thanks sa tag og maayo sab diri…you look great sa photos og mao sab ko dugay mata basta walay klase akong isa…An, kindly introduce your bf na to us…i would like to see him too..please…or maybe when your ready. You two take care and God bless always.

  2. hello ka sexy sa akoang amiga oy,you look good on your pics day Anna,pass by lang ko.its 12 oclock here already time for our lunch.lili lang jud ko kadali..happy weekend and take care day!

  3. Kasexy sa babay oi! I love your posing there Ann. You really got a nice body for sure your bf proud kaayo to have gf like you! Oh yeah you have a nice blog here. Well done! If you have time pls visit to my pls as I gave you an assignment if it’s okay for you! Take care and God Bless!

  4. day anna maayu kaayu nimo pagkastitch ang photos no??? sos ako wa pa koy time sa scrapping lol daghan buhaton lol unay na pagnaay gamay gamay time:) tc happy monday:)

  5. pagkasexy sa mga quardruplets ug sa mga triplets oi…hehehe, nahan bitaw ko ana, tudlui unya ko dae Anna next time maka chat ta. Naa naman koy software, wa pa ko time magstudy… irelax sa naku gamay akong utok kay nakutaw na pag-ayo….Waffa kaayo ka ana, bagay nimo kaayo imong suot, ug kanang gamatoy nga hawak, maibog gyud ko!

  6. Dauph… Hhheheh salamat tawon dai dauph hehehheheh.. Pa sexy para dili ta biyaan ni fafang hehehhehehehhe.Irel… Na dili ko kaayo sa scrapbook pa karon tawon dai Irel no kay daghan ko trabaho dinhi sab hehehehhehehe.Ladyracs….. Hhheheheheh quardruplets man gyud hehehheheh.

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