It’s Snowing Outside!!

Happy Easter everyone. Today when I wope up I saw more snow outside and the ground is all white. Hmmmm I think there’s really snow on the month of April hehehhe. Yeah that’s what my bf told me that we would still have some snow even on May. Snow is beautiful but one thing that scared me is the slippery. I just can’t forget what happen during my birthday. I try to but it’s always in my mind. How can I forget it was my birthday hehehhe. Today were going to my bfs’ mom to spend our Easter with her and maybe some of there family and friends. I really don’t know yet because I knew some member of the family are busy.

This morning I was so tired, I almost don’t want to get up. Well I think it’s because I went to bed late last night. I was chatting with my sister until 3 in the morning hehehehhe. Really late huh it was morning already. Well our friends that visit us last night to watch UFC went home at almost 1 in the morning because that’s when the fights was over. So when the fights was over I wasn’t sleepy at all so I decided to text my sister if she could go online.

I don’t chat with them often because I am busy and they’re busy too. So we just text each other whenever we feel like chatting nice huh hehehehhe.

Alright everyone thanks again for visiting my blog.

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